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2005 Feng Shui 
Questions & Answers 


I have recently started studying Feng Shui. I have read several books and instituted some of their recommendations at home. I have hung crystals in certain areas, hung wind chimes, moved my bed in a better position, and placed pottery and plants in certain areas. However, at work I have not done anything to my office. This appears to be a very challenging time for me, both personally and professionally. Nothing negative has entirely formed. I have an extremely challenging work environment. I have added plants to my office and moved my desk so that my back is not to the windows. Is there anything else I can do to direct situations and the environment in a more positive direction? Thank you in advance for any suggestions you might have.

Put an Obelisk on a mirror in your Money corner of your office.

I was born in San Francisco on April 7th, 1969. Now I live in the desert in Phoenix, Arizona, and often miss the ocean and lush greenery of the Bay area. Can you recommend any particular elements or colors for my home that would be most beneficial to me?

Blues and Greens will help you transition from the Bay area.

I would like to know if you have any monthly mailings or otherwise with up-to-date info on Feng Shui?

Yes, and we put you on our mailing list.

I have several problems and thought it better to email...help! I bought this square two-story house on a lake, and everyone considers the side facing the lake as the front entrance, which is facing South. We do have a door coming in from the carport on the West that has a hall/foyer. Which door should be the entrance? Also, the drive is long and slopes to the house from the road, which is somewhat below the grade? From the South entrance (front?) that enters into the great room/dining, there is a open stairway right in front of the front door, that leads upstairs to a mezzanine (office area overlooks downstairs); and our bedroom door is in front of the top of stairs. Since moving here this past year, we have moved my mother in with us, I have quit two jobs this year because of stress, am menopausal, money is tight, and my stepdaughter has moved in to go to college here. My mother and I have always had a trying relationship -- she is elderly, always complains of not feeling good. Her room is on the ground floor, far right, and her headboard is to the East, which will be hard to change. As you can see, I am worried and need to get my house in the best possible order, and need all the help I can get.

Please book a full consultation by calling 877 372 8737. I will help you greatly.

I was born on the 28th of March 1950; my husband of nearly 3 years was born on the 26th September 1941. We have been experiencing emotional problems lately. How will the year 1999 be for us?

2005 second half will bring you relief and an improvement in your relationship. You are now on our mailing list.

Can I make my own Pa Kua pendant? I have a large tree right in front of my front door. Is there something other than cutting it down?

Yes, please send me a diagram, and I will give you an answer.

I would like very much to be on your mailing list. Do your products come from China or America? It’s great to see the different items.

You are now on our mailing list.  Our products are made in the United States

What is the best way to get started on the Feng Shui way of living? My life needs harmony, and I want to prepare my home for it.

Have a Feng Shui consultation. If you want one with me, call 877 372 8737

Where can I find a good selection of Ba-Quas?

We offer them in our on line catalog.

I know that flowers with thorns are not advisable for the Wealth sector, but how about rose bushes for the Relationship sector? Will the thorns bring in some prickly issues, or does the beauty of the rose override that?

The roses will be OK.

I recently learned a little bit about Feng Shui, and now I want to redecorate my room to the best of my ability using Feng Shui. Could you please tell me some things to do and not to do... and what some colors mean? My room is currently basically black and white with some color. My birth date is 5-2-1985, if you need that for anything.

Keep your room as simple as possible. Make sure your feet when in bed face the door. Sleep with door shut. Do not place a wastebasket in a corner.

I’m a Taurus, born May 2, 1985, and lately I’ve been having trouble in school. Everything seems to confuse me, and I have trouble studying. Is there any Feng Shui method that might help me?

Put a cone shape large end down in the New Knowledge corner and study there. You will improve dramatically.

Under your section of the article labeled "the Vortex," I became very confused. It seemed you were saying to turn clockwise when entering a room. Yet you also said to turn to the left, which would inevitably mean turning counter-clockwise. Which one is correct?

Turning left upon entrance and proceeding left to right in a clockwise direction.

My side door faces a staircase of 5 steps going to the main floor, whilst on the right of the side door is another staircase of 7 steps going to the basement. Is there something wrong with it? Thanks.

Too  many steps – you can heal it by putting two plants, real or fake, on either side of the stairways.

Hello! First, thank you for your generous website and in allowing us to ask questions. I asked one in December. Can you tell me where I can access my answer? Also, please put me on your mailing list for newsletter, catalog, and Internet classes. Thank you!!

The site has been updated through January. You are now on our mailing list.

I just moved to a new house two months ago. The house number is 9276, and I was born in the year of Dragon. Three weeks after I moved in, my cat started to be sick, and yesterday he had to be put to sleep at age 12. Supposedly it was a combination of old age and asthma. I wonder if my new house or its placement has anything to do with his death? Please advise. Thank you.

I don’t think so. Your number is fine. I could tell more if I had more information, such as the shape of the house, shape of the lot it is on, etc.

What’s a good way to ward off restless sleep and nightmares through Feng Shui?

Take all distractions out of your bedroom. Don’t sleep under beams or with mirrors hitting the bed. Have your feet pointing at the door. Don’t hang anything over your head, and don’t sleep under a low window.

I read all the time in books about how color means certain things. But in all the books I read, it never tells anything about the color Purple. It is my favorite color, and I just recently painted my room a light garish purple color. Could you give my some information on the color Purple and if it is good or bad? Thanx. Could I please be put on your mailing list?

It is spiritual and will move you to help yourself and the world. You are now on our mailing list.

I am new to Feng Shui. My apartment's Wealth corner is the bathroom. What can I do to stop my wealth from draining?

Your Wealth corner is the farthest left-hand back corner from the front entrance. Hang a Red tassel over your toilet from the ceiling. Keep lid down on your toilet when not in use, and flush toilet with the lid down. Add plants, real or fake, to the bathroom.

I want to belong on the Wind & Water online mailing list, but I have a problem – I don’t write English very well. Can I write to you in Spanish? Do you have a translator? I can read in English. I live in Venezuela in the Margarita Islands. I am really interested. I would really appreciate your help in this. Gracias.

English is best, but I will try to translate if you write in Spanish.

We moved into an apartment that I dislike immensely … the entry is a narrow hall that goes all the way to the bedroom with the bathroom off the hall on the left. The front door is facing North. We have had terrible financial luck, and at 38 my husband has had 3 heart attacks and 2 angioplastys and a stint put in prior to moving … he is having no luck at getting a job (art director) Help!! What can we do in this new apartment to change things around? Thank you for your time.

Change in environment can change everything in your life. Some houses kill. Please call me for a full consultation 877 372 8737.

I caught the bouquet at my best friend's wedding. I dried the flowers and kept them in my bedroom. Is this bad Sha energy? Are all dried flowers bad Aha? Is there a specific place in the house where they are appropriate? I was born in Boston 10-14-71 at 6:18pm. Apartment door faces North, and the building number is 6864. Thanks!

Your dried flowers from your happy occasion will be fine. Place them in a corner for best results.

I like the site and am thinking of doing some of this stuff, but it says ask the master a question and the Feng Shui master Tony so and so, give em break, some kinda power trip or something?

I am sorry you are so upset. Call me a frog, but use Feng Shui to help enrich your life.

I have recently become fascinated by this kind of stuff, mainly the deeper meanings to dreams. I have had many that have come true or changed my life. Will Feng Shui truly help me make my life better? What has it done for you in your personal life? Are you happy?

I am very happy, and it will help make your life much better.

I have read that a ideal location for a house would face South, and that the site should be protected from disruptive energies from West and the coldness that come from North. I found a place in a soft decline, facing South/East, and I managed to buy it. Now, after I began the construction of a house with the front door to the South and many windows and side doors facing the wisdom of East, I discovered other theories of Feng Shui that state that I am a person with most unfavorable areas in the Ba-Qua (I was born in June 1958 (=5+8=13=4==10-4=6) just in the South/East area. I am very upset and in despair. Shall I be in trouble in the house I am about to build? What can I do if I am wrong? What is correct in this case?

You will be fine facing South/East. Do not worry.

Are Feng Shui house floor plans available? Thanks.

They are usually done for individual taste and needs. I do them on a consultation basis.  Call for consultation 877 372 8737

I am going to move into a new apartment on the 5th Floor. When I look out from the living room's window, I can see a lot of funnels (without smoke coming out) on top of two 3-story buildings. I wonder will these funnels hinder my career or health? How can I prevent it? Thank you very much.

Use reflective materials, such as shiny chimes or crystals or mirrors to reflect away.

I am so happy to find your site. I have found the advice you have given to past questions very helpful. I do have 2 questions, which I hope you can help me with. I was born November18, 1957, at 7:00 p.m. in Washington, D.C. I have been a professional pet groomer since April 1982. I am considering a career change. I am interested in going into 911 police dispatch--I find it fast paced and like the idea of helping people. Can you advise me on this, please? I live in an apartment building, and the number is 5637, which adds up to, 21, then 3. My apartment number is 301 which, of course, adds to 4! I am concerned about this, as a move is not in my near future. Please advise me as to what I can do to help this. Thank you so much--look forward to your answer.

Police dispatcher is good and fitting work for your birth date. Your apartment number is not good for you. So add a "3" and a "1" to it with clear nail polish, and you will do well.

Lake homes in our area have the lake at the back of the house instead of in the front. I read today that water should be in front of house only, and it is bad for it to be in the back. The lot I am looking at slopes down from the street to the lake, and the front door has a circle drive with plants, etc. Please help!!!

Put a fountain in front of your house. If you want a full consultation, call 877 372 8737.

We are redecorating our house. What are the best colors for inside and outside? Our birth dates are:
09-24-58 me, 01-28-64 my wife, 12-02-88 son, 12-20-89 son, 07-09-97 son; our house number is 6.

Beige and Brown outside; White and Yellow inside.

Just learning about Feng Shui. Can you suggest beginner book? Just bought new house, and am having many problems, especially with money. Birthday 3/23/52 11:00 a.m. EST. My house # 5429, front door East, but door used most often North. Biggest problem is lack of money, and sort of unhappiness with house. Please advise.

Sarah Rossback’s Interior Design Feng Shui. Your address is a major problem. It separates you from money and relationships. Add "6" to it with clear nail polish. You should call me for a consultation (877 372 8737).  Click on this link to find out more about the meanings of numbers and how to fix them,  http://www.artofplacement.com/FengShui/numbers.htm

I have read many different books on Feng Shui and am confused about the placing of the Ba-Qua in the plan of my house. I understand from your answer to a recent question that there are different theories of Feng Shui, which explains why I have been confused. The first book I read told me to align the base of the Ba-Qua over the door that we use most to enter the home. This is what I have been using as my guide to the different areas, and the changes I have made to my home using this principle all seemed to have worked. However, all the books I have read since then mention using compasses, measurements, etc, and they, basically, look most confusing. You said in your answer to one question I read that the 'Black Sect School' is, in your opinion, the most appropriate theory to use. Is this method of placing the Ba-Qua from this School, i.e., is it the best method to use?

All schools are correct. Use the one that feels best for you. Trust your inner vision.

We are unable to change the structure of our office. How can we add forces of Feng Shui to improve our environment? Especially the concept of being able to aspects of water?

Add a fountain.

I was born October 20, 1934 in Dayton, Ohio [Montgomery County] at 8:53 p.m. What are my best colors?

Any of the Red colors would be good for you.

I am a Capricorn. My birth date is January 15, 1975, 11:21 a.m. I had my chart read for my 20th birthday, and had my handwriting analyzed when I was 18 or 19. One big thing that came up a few times in both is that I am/would be good in psychology. I have no desire or time to do anything with psychology. Can you shed some light on this for me? Will I be interested in this later in life? Does it mean I am a good listener and give good advice?

It means you could be good at psychology or teaching, sales, politics, or anything that takes understanding people. You are a people person, maybe, even a mystic with training. P.S. I am also a Capricorn.

I am working on a cross-stitch pattern featuring a couple of wolves that are mates. I am told this may be bad Feng Shui for people in the house. Is this true?

No, wolves are fine. They are good animals. They will be fine in any room in your house.

My Husband was born June 3, 1947, and I was born April 15, 1951. I do not know the birth times. We live in a two-bedroom bungalow. We would like to increase our wealth and lose weight. Our living room/dining room feels very cold -- no warmth at all. How do we increase the positive energy?

Add Red in small quantities to the living room. Bring in plants and place them in your house. Order our prosperity crystal, and you will see good results.

I am interested in ordering your video. I have always felt unproductive and uncomfortable in my home. I have several books on Feng Shui, but I must confess that I don't fully understand how to operate the wheel to discover the various centers in my home. I have recently rearranged the furniture in the living room and it drastically changed the feel of the room, so I realize that the principles of Feng Shui must be true. My major problem is that my home has several rooms with beamed ceilings – the family room, the living room, and the master bedroom. Each of these rooms have two dark beams that cross the room completely. There is no way to avoid having some furniture under a beam! The house is a very modern, open concept design. All of the spaces on the first level flow into one another. Our bedroom is open to the living room, the entranceway, and the family room. I would like to send pictures to someone so that they could advise me on the placement of flutes etc. Are there individuals who do this type of consultation? What is their fee for services rendered? Will your video be able to help me with these problems?

Please call 877 372 8737 for consultation and fee information.

I am reading as many books on the topic as I can. I want to add Feng Shui knowledge to my architectural skills of landscape architecture. Please let me know about the information updates.

You may order books from us. Glad you are reading.  

Being an Asian married to Chinese, I have always been interested in Feng Shui. Please clarify this: my house is L-shape, but the wing is not more than half of the actual width of the house, therefore, the Ba-Qua corners are all present and in order. My front door is facing Southwest, and so is the main bedroom window. My son's bedroom is Southeast, and my kitchen is East with a sliding door facing it. How will I place the Ba-Qua chart, if the North of my living room from the front door is to my upper left side? Some say the front door is always the Career area – that’s when I get confused? Please explain. Thank you.

Use the front door entrance to place the Ba-Qua.

I like pictures of the sea and have a few of these in the bedroom, but I have just read that there should be no pictures of water in the bedroom. I find these pictures peaceful. I would welcome your comments.

Your pictures are fine. I don’t know where you got that negative information. Write and tell me where you got the idea that such pictures aren’t good.

Is 6436 a good number for my townhouse? If not, what can I do to make it better? I was born on Feb. 6, 1957.
I went to court today. I had no one to represent me and no witness, but the people who pressed charges on me for rental property for way over my security deposit, which was 10 times more. I lost the case of lies she told that was wrong with house. I am appealing the case if the lawyer is willing. I need guidance. They asked for $7,249.00 – the judge told me to pay $5,107.00. There were some damages but not all she told.

No, the number means separation. Add a "6" and a "1" with clear nail polish, and it will be fine. I would appeal the case. Then see if I could make a deal for less. You release your anger with these people, and the Universe will send you much more in return. It isn’t personal if you learn the lessons of how anger destroys all. Let it go. Something will come and pay you back 10 times more.  http://www.artofplacement.com/FengShui/numbers.htm 


I am here to thank you and express my deepest respect of what you do to help people help themselves. I dare suggest my being quite a rare correspondent of yours (I live in Russia) and expect to add some significance to the area, embraced by Feng Shui. I am also here to ask you for advice. Trying the principles of Feng Shui in my home, I come to think of the bathroom and toilet located in Creativity/Projects area of the house as a source of trouble for my undertakings (results rarely match my expectations). Apart from keeping the door closed, what can I do to enhance my success in activities? I thank you in advance for help. I will also share the address of your site with my friends - we are very much interested.

You can hang a Red tassel from the ceiling over your toilet. Put a plant (real or fake) in the bathroom.

Greetings from Manila, Philippines! I was hoping you could help me out with something I've been trying to learn for quite some time now. I've been engrossed in Feng Shui for a long time already, and I know that the date for moving into a new home is very significant. I am planning on moving to a condominium unit, which I have recently acquired. When is the best time for me to move in? I am particularly concerned with keeping a loving and lasting romantic relationship and in succeeding with my career as a journalist/manager. I was born April 24, 1973 at 6:45 a.m. in Manila City, Philippines (Asia). I am single but I will be sharing the unit with my boyfriend. Thank you very much and happy New Year!

Anytime in late September or early October.

I have a question and hope this is the appropriate means of asking it. My front door faces South, and I have one of those entrances where you can see directly to the back door (sliding glass). My problem is that with the layout of the house, it is not feasible to put furniture or plants in front of either of the entrances to slow down the Chi. It is also not feasible to put a tree directly in front of the sliding glass door outside, as there is a sundeck there, and it would be right in front of the steps to the yard. What other things can be done? I have hung wind chimes in the middle doorway and in front of the sliding glass door, but this has not seemed to help. Thanks!!

Put a mirror over the glass sliding door facing your front door.

I have an L-shaped office with windows on far side of the L. I am a financial planner. How should I position the furniture, and what items should I have in my office to help with the flow of energy and prosperity? I had an article on Feng Shui and misplaced it regarding the above info. Thanks you for your time.

Place your desk so your back is to the wall, and you are facing the door. Put plants in all the corners – real or fake, and add a water fountain with a light shining on it, and you will do fine.

We are in the process of designing a house. I seem drawn to an L-shaped (incomplete square) design, with the entrance in the center of the incomplete square. Is there anything inherent in this design that could be problematic? You say you publish question monthly---I can access thru Oct 98. Are you behind?

L-shaped homes always have problems. Square or rectangular shapes are good and do well. Yes.

I was born August 24/57 in Toronto, Canada, 6.28 a.m. I am looking to buy a home for my son and myself, so am anxious to make sure all is as good as it can be. My birth elements are Fire/Fire. Should that be a worry or can I do something to enhance my living quarters? The house I am considering is rectangular in shape, and I believe it is a "Ken." I am also a "Ken." Is this good? The back faces Northeast, while the front of the house is Southwest. A small creek is at the back of the property, and the house number is 3089. Any help you can give would be appreciated. Thanks

First, give up worrying – it attracts the problems. I would change my address to a prosperity number by adding a "6" to my address in clear nail polish.  Click on this link to find out more about the meanings of numbers and how to fix them,  http://www.artofplacement.com/FengShui/numbers.htm

I was born on October 26, 1963 (female, Scorpio). I would like to set up my own computer consulting company, and I need to submit a name of my company. Which of these names will provide prosperity and bring in clients -- Opal, Summit, Apex? Any suggestions of names will be appreciated! Also, what colors should I wear to attract love and abundance into my life? Thank you so much!

Red will attract abundance in your life. Success is a great name for your company. Summit is also a good name for a successful company.

I am new to your art -- I want to advance in my career and my wealth. My front door faces the South, and my house number is 2125. My front door opens to a small entryway, about 3' by 10' long, to the living room, where there is a fireplace next to the right East wall. The fireplace can be seen from the front door and the sidewalk. Currently, I have a 6 ' by 3' mirror in a gold frame, and next to the fireplace on the West side is a sliding door leading to the back yard. I was born 6-14-59. I would like to know the cost of consultations, and do I send a diagram or pictures of my home?

Put a mirror facing the door in your entryway. Your address means higher new beginning. Put plants (real or fake) on both sides of your fireplace. Call 877 273 8737 for consultation details. You are now on our mailing list.  Click on this link to find out more about the meanings of numbers and how to fix them,  http://www.artofplacement.com/FengShui/numbers.htm

I wrote you earlier this year, but our plan changed since. My husband and I fell in love with a beautiful 1936 house that has been almost rebuilt from head to toe, and its number is 860. The front door is facing North. The lot is 100 x 300 deep with beautiful trees and older bushes. The front has some shrubs, but it is mainly bare with a lots of grass. I like the situation, – it's in the old district – and I like the house and the garden that I will modify because I love gardening, but for some reason I am panicking. They painted the house with very dark colors that I will remove. I have my other house that I have to sell. I really love the house I am in now. But I never liked the area. We are moving for two reasons: because they are constructing a 5-lane road behind our house, and because the area is full of young kids now -- we are the only couple without. I don’t know what to do to sell my house as fast as possible at the price I want. My house has to be sold by June or we will be stuck with 2 mortgages. Please help. Can you give me the name of a consultant in my area and some good books to read that are easy to understand? I was born on November 18, 1954, around 8:00 a.m. in Montreal, Province of Quebec, Canada.

Please call for information on a consultation 928 284 3358

Your web page is very impressive and from looking at it I feel you may be able to help me in my spiritual journey. I am writing in hopes that you may provide me with insights that I do not have just now. First, some background information on my self: I am 38 years old, a graduate student at Regent University, a Christian, and I am pursuing what I consider my calling. Last November, one of my professors confirmed what I have suspected for a long time -- he announced to our class, after visiting all our workstations and going over our case studies, "He is a Sage and at such a young age, too." I do not posses a great intellect; yet, I 'know' how all things work. As a teenager I studied Martial Arts and, still, even after all these years remember it and can use it when I need or want to. Once, when I was around 22 years old, I had taken a Martial Arts class as a refresher at Old Dominion University where I was a student, and received the ultimate gift of 'floating' over our class during a Kota (forgive the spelling). To my dismay I never followed up on this experience. Recently, within the last several months, I have taken a great interest in Shamanism. I feel that Shamanism offers a more realistic understanding of how everything 'fits' together as compared to other explanations that I have heard (most people try to intellectualize religion or they talk about the Holy Spirit without really knowing about it). Secondly, in 1994 I came across a financial mechanism that will allow the poor to build themselves out of poverty and, simultaneously, conserve (or revegitate) our barren lands. Soon afterwards, I felt with every cell in my body the gravity or significance this has for the United States (and the world). I have been pursuing the realization of this ever since (with great personal sacrifice). It is my hope that you will help me in finding out where (or what) the Great Spirit would like for me to do so that I am more comfortable in living such an unnormal life (unemployed, separated from family, broke and very spiritual).

You do not have to remain broke to be spiritual. It would be good for you to lead by example and teach others how to be self-sufficient. You show them how to fish so they can fish for a lifetime. Shamanism means, "to make whole." Teach people how to support themselves and work on their spiritual development at the same time. Teach confidence, not fear.

I was born on July 4, 1955 around 6 a.m. What are my good colors? Our front door faces East -- should the door be painted Red or Blue or Green? I've read somewhere that the Chinese used to paint their front doors Red... I am thankful to have become aware of Feng Shui, and am thankful for your site. it's Outasite!!!!!

Chinese Red for the front door will bring you good things. Blue is a good color for your special rooms.

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your website!!!! All of the information is very informative and practical. Where is the best place to put some type of prayer alter or shrine in a room? Also, how can you rearrange a room so that studying and learning is most effective?

Put your prayer altar in the Money or Relationship corner – both will do well. Use the New Knowledge corner to study. Make sure your back is to the corner.  See life stations

Please add me to your mailing list. Thanks. Also, I have a question. I bought a house in 1995, and the address is 307. The street is on the South side, but the door faces East ... a hidden door. That puts the bedrooms on the South side, facing the street. The kitchen is on the East, and the living room and bath are on the West side. My birth date is 11/10/47, 7:16 a.m. EST, Frederick, MD. Since I have moved into this house, both of my parents have died, I lost my job and have not worked much since then. Could the Feng Shui of my house be wrong for me? I had been doing massage, but am being drawn to professional Feng Shui. Please send me info on your courses, especially, professional courses. I live an hour North of San Francisco.... do you do any courses in this area? I have made lots of Feng Shui cures, re: Black Hat Sect Feng Shui. Got any particular ideas? Thanks for your help and your web site.

Please call for a Feng Shui consultation at 928 284 3358

I enjoy your website. I'm just learning about Feng Shui (I've read one book - Lillian Too) and, quite frankly, have found the info pertaining to the layout of my home disturbing. From what I have read, it would seem that everything is wrong. Our master bath is in the Southwest corner, and our master bedroom is located on the South side of the building -- our home is of an irregular shape (L-shaped) -- our kitchen faces Southwest, and we have fish tanks to the right of the front door, although this door we rarely use. My children sleep in an East-facing room. I'm upset by what I have read of the Pa-Kua Lo-Shu theory – my husband and I both have Kua numbers of 6. Our front door faces North, although we almost always enter through a door from the garage. The garage door faces North -- the door from the garage to the house faces West -- and our back door faces West. We are both of the West-Group. Any suggestions???

You should call us for a full consultation because you have so many problems. Please call 928 284 3358 to arrange one.

I want to know if when determining the orientation of the a door to the room, what happens if I get one reading from the center of the room, North, and one as others suggest from the doorway, itself, as Northwest? Should I use the one, which by the law of the five elements draws energy from its mother element, that in this case is the North or water element?

Use the front door.

I am a teacher. I work in a classroom without windows. No natural light exists in this room. I have brought in ivy plants and a 20-gallon aquarium with some graceful Orandas. I have no energy at the end of the day. I can only think about getting out of that room! What can I do to make it more inhabitable? I was born August 19, 1972... if that helps.

Put in full-spectrum lighting in your room, and things will improve.

I am in need of help in getting my life back in order. I would like to be put on your mailing list, please.

You are now on our mailing list.

I own an energy brokerage firm called SyntexEnergy Resources. Our office in Houston has been "Feng Shuied." I am currently contemplating a purchase of individual biospheres (enclosed glass ecosystems with shrimp developed in AZ by The Biosphere Project) for my brokers desk and have to choose between pyramid or circle forms. Please enlighten me on the difference between these forms energy. Thanks.

Circle forms, if you are outside of them, will give you mental breakthroughs, then spin you away from them. Pyramids send out energy and reserve energy. I would use the circle energy.

My birth date is 9/25/52 about Noon. I am currently interviewing for two positions and would like to know my chances of these positions. Also have had a lot of financial problems -- will these be alleviated any in the near future?

Things are improving for you now. Your problems will slowly start improving, then the momentum will pick you up, and you will be fine.

A question regarding the placement of the Ba-Qua over my house plan – the front door of my home has been placed to the far right of the floor plan, hence, when you walk in the door your right shoulder runs parallel to the wall (my door is not centered in the wall). Do I place the Ba-Qua in the middle of the floor plan or at the front door, which would essentially make it appear that a large portion of my Ba-Qua is missing, for example, Helpful People and Travel, Creativity and Children and Relationships? Would appreciate a reply. Thank you.

Place the Ba-Qua at your front door.  See our article on removing ailments

First at all, sorry for my bad English (grammar, words, etc). I'm Chilean then I live in Southern Hemisphere and all information about Feng Shui (Internet, books) that I have found refers to Northern Hemisphere. You said in February '98 answers for New Zealand: "Just flip the Ba-Qua. Do everything exactly opposite of the Northern Hemisphere." What does that mean? Must I use Ba-Qua like in a mirror-image? Must I fix the Career-Fame-axis and turn other corners and sides? It says that my Relationship corner is the far left corner of my building (instead of Wealth/Prosperity corner), and the Helpful People corner is in the left corner closest to the door (instead of right). Please, I'm confused, and I'm very interested because I need to increase my income and other topics. What is a "Ba-Qua mirror? Is it an octagonal shape? My apartment is an incomplete rectangular shape, and I think that it's missing part of Fame side, Wealth corner, Health side, and part of New Knowledge corner, or part of Fame side, Relationship corner, Children side and part of Helpful People corner, if I turn the B-Qua. Which is right? How can I cure these missing corners and sides? That's all. Thanks a lot and thank you for this wonderful web site.

You place the door in a Ba-Qua diagram in the North. 2. Our mirror is octagonal; it is programmed for protection, harmony, and prosperity.

First, let me congratulate you on a very beautiful, informative and rewarding site! It’s just so inviting. Since my Great Grandfather was Chinese, I've always been interested in the history, culture, and my heritage. Therefore, I've looked to Feng Shui lately to assist me in life's journey. I would like to ask a question that I am confident will help change my life immediately. I was born July 15, 1962; my husband’s birth date is February 12, 1958, and my darling daughter was born June 24, 1993. We have been married almost 7 years, since July 17, 1992. Since our union, we have always experienced financial difficulty and, as a result, a not very deep love in our marriage that we both crave. We moved into this bungalow, front door facing East direction, just outside Montreal, Canada, being our first home together on June 24, 1996. Our address is 553 Seventh Avenue. I am presently unemployed, and I am currently active in my search for a job. We have bills up to our eyeballs that won't be paid until March '99!! We wish we could help each other financially but can't! My husband and I really need a major change in our lives for the better, both financially and in our love for each other. I've done some minor Feng Shui adjustments to our home with the little money that I have, such as adding a fish bowl with 2 Goldfish near the main entry. A Red envelope placed in the SE corner of our bedroom with affirmations in it, e.g., "my husband and I are financially successful." In our bedroom SW corner, I hung a crystal, placed a Purple African Violet plant, and pictures of us together from our honeymoon, etc. I Added plants to our home, placed 2 turtle figures in the SE corner of the living room, and play loud classical music throughout the day. Since then, no changes in our lives have occurred. What can I do immediately that will help us? I look forward to hearing from you with sincere appreciation.

Your street number means hard spiritual lessons; your house number is Death. You can add a "1" to the street sign with clear nail polish, and add a "3" and a "1" to your address.  Click on this link to find out more about the meanings of numbers and how to fix them,   See our article on House numbers: http://www.artofplacement.com/FengShui/numbers.htm

I was wondering about the placement of a fountain in the home. Which is the correct position, to the right or left? Thank you for your assistance. I'm also going to visit Sedona in early April for the first time. I'm looking forward to the beauty, as well as the energy I hope to feel during my visit. Take care and thank you.

Place it where it can be seen upon entering your home. Please call 928 284 23358 to see me when you are in Sedona.

Could you please tell me if my Flat number 207 a good or bad number. And what can I do to make things better if it is a bad number? Please include me in your mailing lists. I'm presently choosing a flat with numbers 101 & 106. Which number is better to live in? If both numbers are no good, how can I cure it if I choose either one of the flats? I have read in your previous Q&A that adding a 6 is a cure. But you have also recommended adding a number to add up to 8 is also a cure. Which one do I do?

207 is a good number; 101 is better to live in and, then, change it by adding a "6" to it with clear nail polish, and you will be fine.

Could you please tell me how to use the compass to determine where my house is facing? It seems to me whenever I move, the direction of the compass changes as well.

We are moving to 0 (zero) magnetics. You may live in a mineral-rich area, which will interfere with your compass. A military base can also affect your compass.

I work in an office where there are a lot of tension and negativity. What can I purchase for my desk to create a more comfortable environment and, hopefully, a promotion for me? I wrote to you a few weeks ago regarding my home and assistance there, but have not heard back from you. Did you get my message? I was born April 15, 1951, but not sure of the time of birth. I think it was around 2:00 A.M.

Add plants to desk. Then, add a piece of Turquoise to the desktop. I didn’t get your letter regarding home assistance. Please write again or call 520-284-2961 for an appointment.

We are about to move into a new house that is a number 5. We live in Australia. The home faces East but the front door, which directly opens into the lounge room door faces South. The lounge room also has sliding doors facing East. Which doorway would be the best to use as our main entrance? Would also like to know if living in a number 5 house is good for us. My birthday is 7/5/1955. My bedroom is in the front of the home facing East - is this a good position for my room? I have also read that if we live in the Southern Hemisphere, we have to reverse the Ba-Qua map. Does that mean that if my doorway sits in my Career area that my Wealth corner would be on my opposite right corner? Would, then, the Relationship corner be on the opposite left? I hope you can help me out.

Use the East entrance. The number 5 will bring you constant changes in your life. You may add a "3" to your address to bring prosperity. The bedroom is fine, just change the compass points in reverse.  Click on this link to find out more about the meanings of numbers and how to fix them,  http://www.artofplacement.com/howtousenumbers.htm

Greetings from New Jersey! I have implemented a number of "wealth-activating" cures around my home, such as a coin placed under my doormat, a frog pointed at the front door with a coin in its mouth, four Purple candles placed in the wealth section of my house, etc, etc; all of these measures seem to have backfired! I am currently unemployed and have been since July of '98! I have posed this same question to a British Feng Shui magazine and have gotten no reply. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

If you put a red envelope in your Money corner with written affirmations saying how thankful you are on having a great new job, it will help. By writing as if you already have it, you will soon have it.

Please let me know about the information updates.

We will keep you informed by posting updates to this site.

Can you please place me on the mailing list? Firstly, however, how much does it cost?

We don’t charge anything for our mailing list participants; you are now on our list.

I’m asking you one question … I still have my Ba-Qua mirror. Where do I put it in my lovely home? My house faces West towards the lake; the entrance faces East, and my bedroom is Southeast. How much do you charge for a consultation?

Put the Ba-Qua mirror over your front door on the outside. Call 928 284 3358  for consultation information. Would love to hear from you.

I am interested in decorating my house the Feng Shui way. Any suggestions will be most appreciated.

Read Sarah Rossback’s book, "Feng Shui Interior Design." It will get you started. http://www.artofplacement.com/FengShui/books.htm

Please add me to your list. I am so glad to have found your site and very much appreciate the general guidelines on how to find life stations. I have followed some, and I look forward to a consultation in the near future.

You are now on the mailing list.

My house is just in front of a graveyard.

That is not good. Until you can move, put a Ba-Qua mirror over your front door for protection. It will help greatly. I would move.

I would like to join you. Also, I would like to commend your website! It was the only one I found that answered my questions and really helped me out.

Thank you for your comments.

I am just starting to learn Feng Shui, and I have discovered that our bathroom is located in Tien Yi or the Health sector. Both of our Kua numbers are 2, and we are both West group Kun people. How bad of a problem is this, and is there anything I can do to offset Sha Chi? It is our only bathroom, and moving the bathroom would be really difficult, since the house is built on a slab. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hang a Red tassel over your toilet from the ceiling. Hang a plant in the left-hand corner of the bathroom.

Please put me on your mailing list. I am a student at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. I am doing a research project on Feng Shui and would appreciate any information that you could send to me as soon as possible. I would especially like information on Feng Shui as it relates to interior design. Thank you.

You are now on our mailing list. Order Sarah Rossback’s book, "Feng Shui Interior Design," for a start. You can order the book http://www.artofplacement.com/FengShui/books.htm

If I was born on March 15, 1965, in Guadalajara, Mexico, what am I? North, South, East or West?

You are North.

I have a pond in my courtyard, and I was told a dragon and a frog with it was good Feng Shui. Where do I put them around the pond for maximum energy? Thanks for your time.

Put them in the two far corners.

I very much enjoy reading your web site. Over the past two months, I have implemented changes to our life stations. I must admit that positive things have happened. For example, our Wealth station was located in the corner of our bedroom where my husband keeps a baseball bat and a shotgun (unloaded). I replaced these items with a beautiful healthy plant, a crystal, and a small wind chime in the corner window, which is also in our Wealth station. Two days later, I received a check from an insurance company that we no longer use. They said they overcharged us back in 1997. Two weeks later, I received another check from a company I haven’t done business with for at least 18 months. I am very excited about the use of Feng Shui in our lives. Many people at work want me to help them evaluate their life stations at home. Thank you so much for your help.

You’re welcome.

My partner and I own an L-shaped house that is actually two living areas, one of which is her mother’s, and the other is ours. We enter through different doors, but can walk freely through the house by way of a long porch. Should this be treated as one or two units when placing the Ba-Qua map? I am using the Western Guide to Feng Shui by Tetrah Kathryn Collins. It was a gift, and it’s easily understood except for this. We are Pisces, Taurus and Virgo. Thanks.

Treat it as two separate places.

Please add me to your mailing list and thanks for a great site! Is the center of the Ba-Qua considered to be the Health area in some schools of Feng Shui? I just encountered a Ba-Qua in an article that mentioned books by Jami Lin that has Health in the center, just family on the center left. It actually feels right to me, so is that the way I should place the Health area?

Place it on the same wall as family.

I have tried to find some Feng Shui experts in Denmark, but it is still very new here, and it’s difficult to get a Feng Shui education here. I use the Internet a lot and try to get as much information as possible. Thank you for some very good pages.

You’re welcome. Keep reading – you can order Feng Shui books from us http://www.artofplacement.com/FengShui/books.htm

I love dried flower wreaths and have them in every room of my home. I read in a Feng Shui book not to have dried (dead) flowers in one’s home. Is this a problem? If so, is there a way to balance the effects? Also, I was born 12/25/56. Will I ever marry? What can I do to speed up the possibility of marriage possibilities?

Dried flowers will be fine in your home. You will marry. You can put a picture of a wedding in your Relationship corner.

I am looking for big Feng Shui projects and the results, specifically, big buildings or industrial areas. If you know someone, please contact me or send me information.

                        Please contact me at 928 284 3358.

I'm new to Feng Shui, and thought I was doing ok. Now that I have found your site, I'm not sure. I have been using the Ba-Qua with a compass. However, I'm now feeling I may be using it incorrectly. If the compass points South is it the South on the Ba-Qua? or North? You also talk about money corners, etc., being located in respect to the front door. I, again, have been doing it by the compass in each room. I look forward to your response.


Set your house from your front entrance by placing the Ba-Qua template, which you can order from us, at the entrance and establish your directions from there.


I find your web site very interesting. I'm attracted by your statement that electromagnetic fields are around us and are affecting us daily. Particularly, I'd like to know more about the electromagnetic fields in the locations where the big volume of water moves on the circle, like the huge (up to hundreds miles in diameter) whirlpools in Bermuda. It is known that in such locations, people can see the mirages, different types of UFO’s. People in that area have problems with their watches -- sometimes they slow down, sometimes they are go faster … The huge circular air flows, like a tornado or hurricane, may cause the similar time anomalies, but the scale of time changes is not so significant as for circular currents. For instance, the aircraft with 127 passengers was ready for a landing in Miami Airport suddenly disappeared from the screens of the navigation systems and lost a radio connection with the land for 10 minutes. Then, this aircraft appeared from nowhere and made its landing. Everyone from passengers to crew was able to see that their watches were slow down -- they have shown 10 minutes difference with the time outside of the aircraft. Could you please recommend some references about the generation of electromagnetic fields by the natural sources? Thank you in advance.


Read some of Tesla’s early works on magnetic fields


Trying to sell condo. Front door faces East. I put a red envelope in the Prosperity corner, also have a glass mobile in the far-left upper corner with multiple colors! I have a hanging ceramic group of fish and a Trumpet Cactus at my front entry. I am wondering if I should move them outside in the far-left corner! I have closed toilet and bathroom sink; have cleaned and thrown out trash. Have chimes in the back patio facing West. Since I live in a rather posh country club area, I can't get too radical for the "trophy" type wives that might want to purchase here. I can't place mirrors outside the door, though when my front door opens, one see into the living room area with a large sliding glass door out to the West patio. In fact, every room in my condo has a large sliding glass door. Is there anything I can do with all these doors or windows to improve the Chi? Also, I am located at approximately 9:30/10 o’clock of a Cull de sac area. The front patio is neat with flowers. I have a metal gate where I have a Turquoise cow bell on and outside the gate. I have a beautiful Pink Geranium that adds color and love to the entrance. House number is 45761. I am a Gemini with a Capricorn Ascendant and Leo Moon. I have a statue of St Joseph standing outside at front adjacent to the garage -- upside down -- facing the house. My garage’s rear corner is stacked with boxes packed for moving and a few pieces of furniture, but is generally neat. I really can't empty it out. Any suggestion you have that could help get this condo sold would be appreciated. Thank you.


Hang a large Red bow on your front door as if your house is a gift, and it will sell.


My husband was born on November 2, 1948 at 4:20 p.m. He just started his trading business, and his profession is civil engineer. My birth date is August 12, 1961. I would like to know what the best business for my husband would be to improve our financial status. And I have my own travel agency here in Bangkok -- is it the best business for me? I would like to join your mailing list. My son was born January 10, 1995 at 9:20 a.m. Thank you and more power!


The trading business should do well. He is a natural salesman; he sells well because he is sincere.


What about a computer inside the bedroom or near a baby? Thank you.


Cover it with a Red cloth when not in use. The magnetic fields will affect the baby if it is too close.


I have been single for a few years now and wish to attract romance into my life. My Kua number is 6, and I am of Yang Fire element. I have tried a few cures, but they don’t seem to be effective yet -- been putting them up for a few months. I want to form a permanent relationship but I can't seem to meet the right person in life, or if I have met them, they don’t seem interested in me. Can you recommend an effective Feng Shui cure for my situation? How long do I need to wait for the cure to be effective? How do I know it is working? I have followed basic Feng Shui advice closely. I cleaned out my room and have all old things thrown away. I even spent quite a fortune renovating my room, which I share with 2 sisters, according to what is being taught. In addition to the above settings, I have hung pictures of pretty women as instructed in some Feng Shui books. I painted my room Winter Green. So what is wrong? I need your help in this area. Please help me out. Thank you very much!


You said you hung pictures of a woman on your wall – well, now add a picture of yourself on the same wall. You will attract a woman.


We have recently purchased a new home (address is 754). However, the front door faces the West. Please tell me what we can do to make this a positive, loving environment. My husband's birthday is 08/26/46, and mine is 03/29/46. We are very excited about this home as we have been looking for just the right place for almost one year, and this seemed perfect the minute we walked in the door. Thank you for your support -- we love your website. Much happiness to you.


Please add a "1" in clear nail polish to the numbers on your address.  Click on this link to find out more about the meanings of numbers and how to fix them,  


I started dating the best friend of my ex-boyfriend during last Christmas while on holiday in my home country. Everything was going perfectly well until we both returned to London. I think that he is scared about our relationship since he will be leaving for Aust. in 6 months time, and he does not want to get engaged into anything formal. On top of that, he previously had a very bad experience with a girl. There is also my ex-boyfriend. He was not treating me well when I was with him, and now all of my friends, including him, are after us. Now, my boyfriend does not want to see me anymore or speak to me. He keeps on telling me that I should forget him and move on. Each time I call him, he is rude at me, then pretends not to be. What can I do to get him back? I am very unlucky at love. I was born on 15/05/79 at 11p.m., and he was born on 28/10/77. Are we met for each other? Will I get married one day, and is that going to be with him? Thank you for you help.


Worrying about how a relationship will turn out brings the problems. Relax and believe you will have the perfect relationship, and the Universe will provide the perfect relationship for you.


My birthday is on November 9, 1961. I am back at school and haven't made up my mind what I would like to major in. What would be a career choice for me? Thank you.


You would be a good diplomat. You are a leader. A career in government or politics would suite you well. You would make a good spy … maybe CIA.


I would like to learn Feng Shui. Of course, I have ideas -- I have been reading about it for 10 years. But I’m living in Texas. What can I do?


Watch our website for a schedule of classes to be coming soon.


Feng Shui is a very new concept for my husband and myself. I have always considered myself a New Age person and, therefore, many of the concepts I have read about are quite familiar. However, there are so many ideas that I am having trouble knowing where to start. We are currently experiencing a lack of funds. My husband is self-
employed and sometimes seems unmotivated. His birth date is November 4, 1957. He was born in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada in the early morning. Where shall we begin to incorporate Feng Shui into our home and our family's lives? Also, please add us to your e-mail list. Thank you for you time.


Please order from us the book, "Interior Design Feng Shui," by Sarah Rossback.


My bathroom is in the SW corner of my house -- which I understand is very detrimental to my marriage/relationship prospects. It is the only bathroom in the house, and there is no question of relocation due to lack of space and funds. Is there anything I can do to counteract the negative effects of this to ensure I meet the man of my dreams? Thank you.


Keep the lid closed on toilet when not in use. Hang a picture of a man and woman together in the Relationship corner of the bathroom.


I have a laughing Buddha and would like to know the best position for him.


Place his back to the North. The New Knowledge corner is a good place. Buddha is best place where most people can see it.


I have been reading about Feng Shui for several months now and realize that my wood-burning stove sets in the Wealth corner of my living room! My husband and I love the stove as it keeps us cozy and warm through the cold winters here. The stove sets on a red brick hearth that we built ourselves -- it would be very difficult to tear apart this hearth to place the stove elsewhere, not to mention the stove pipe through the roof, etc!!! What cure do you suggest? We aren't doing as well with our business and finances as we would like. Does it help to know our birth dates? My husband’s is 10-27-52 and 11-19-53 for me. Our master bedroom is in the far-left corner of our house -- the Wealth area also. We have a plant hanging in that corner already, but I read one of your suggestions for that corner was the Blue/Purple/Red colors, the numerology 5, and the creative element Wind, with hips as the body reference. Can you explain further how to use these things, especially the Wind element and hips? I'm learning a lot from your web site and question/answer section, and was very glad to find it. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


The cure for your wood-burning stove is to place plants (real or fake) on either side of it. That was not on this web site that you read about the hips and the number "5."


I live in a 2-story apartment, and I need some help. When you walk into my apartment, you face the back porch sliding glass door. I have placed 3 crystals on a string at the top of this door, and I have crystals on almost all of my windows. I have very high ceilings, and the top floor is actually a loft. My furniture is all very Cream colored, and I would like to add color to the high walls and the furniture. I have a home office from which I run our fishing business, and I am desperately trying to increase our revenues and clientele. I live with my boyfriend, and his 2 children live with us every other week; they all are extremely messy -- I doubt that I can get anyone to close the toilet seat before flushing, I can barely even get them to flush it at all. There is always a lot of transition here, everyone is always coming and going. Hardly anything is stable. I read the Jan/Feb 1998 articles about the woman and her husband who love each other but fight a lot, and your answer was to put plants next to the fireplace. We have had Poinsettias there during the holidays, but they are dead now, and we seem to be getting along well now, despite this. I also have a lot of mirrors up in the apartment. I really need some help. If you would like, I can send you a layout of my apartment. Thank you for your time.


I would put two plants, one of each side of the fireplace – real or fake. I would hang a Red tassel from the ceiling over the toilet. Hang a sign on the wall, "Please close lid before flushing," in the bathroom.


I have recently been studying and practicing the basic principles of Feng Shui. Everything that I am learning and discovering just feels "right" to me. I am, however, a little confused on a couple of things. One of my daughter's bedrooms is in my relationship corner. I have put a mirror on the back of my bedroom mirror that is on the wall that connects my room to hers. Her room is very neat and clean, and I have done some basic cures in there. In addition to the Red envelopes and affirmations for the relationship I desire that in my room, do I also place them in her room? I don't want to upset her "space." I have been involved with someone for a while now, and there is definitely love involved, but I am having trouble with him making a more permanent commitment. Please help me.


You can hang a heart in the Relationship corner with the two of you in a picture together, and you will be happy.


I am from Cuernavaca, Mor, Mexico, and I am very interested in Feng Shui. Is it true that colors affect my income? I am going to paint my house would like to know which color results in attracting money -- lately, my business has very bad.


Paint your front door Chinese Red, and make your entrance easy and neat to enter. You will be fine.


I was born March 12, 1964, at 4:50 p.m. in Oshawa, Ontario. I need to create a very prosperous home-based business and/or work from home. My hours must be very flexible to accommodate my two small children, and I must be passionate about my work. Can you please guide me? What direction should I be headed? Thank you.


Your work has to be in a creative field. I would take advantage of your salesmanship. You can sell through the Internet from home.


My husband and I were transferred to Charlotte, North Carolina a year ago by his company. We desperately want to be relocated back to Phoenix by them, which we didn't think would be a problem. But now we have hit some "snags" and our return to Phoenix may be in jeopardy. I'm not sure why this has happened so suddenly. The only changes we've made to our home recently is in the "Health" section, where our bedroom is. We've switched sides of the bed. Could that have anything to do with this? What can we do to ensure that we are moved back to Phoenix at the company’s expense? Do you travel to Phoenix for private consultations and, if so, would you please send me your information.


Put a picture of Phoenix in your Money corner. For a consultation, call 877 372 8737. Thank you.

I recently went to my psychic, and one of the things she suggested was a fish bowl in the middle of our coffee table with an odd number of goldfish in it -- she suggested 3. My concern is that we have cats, and their reaction to the fish, bowl, etc. We do have a pocket door that could be closed during the day when we are out. Would this be ok, or is there another solution you could suggest other than goldfish in a bowl?


An aquarium with a screen top heavy enough so the cat cannot knock it over will protect the fish from the cat.


I was so glad to find your website. My husband and I have been out of work since December of 1998. We were both working at the same company. When he was terminated by the owner of the company, I was forced to resign to avoid conflict in my marriage relationship. When I found out about your website, I immediately followed "life stations enhancing instructions." I put live plants, water fountain, Buddha, elephant figurine, wind chimes and a wide-brimmed jar in our far left corner, the Wealth corner, to help us improve our finances. I also put a Red dot above our electric ceiling fan in our bedroom, which is located at the foot of our bed, and, also put a red dot above the ceiling above our upstairs toilet, which is located in the Wealth corner area. But, so far, nothing has improved since I made this arrangement I made about one month ago. I am feeling so desperate now because after the month of April if my husband and I cannot find a job, we might lose our house because we cannot afford to pay its amortization and we will have to put it up for sale. My husband’s birthday is September 30, 1944, and I am May 6, 1952. My husband was self-employed and had his own business for many years, but this past two years had been plagued with misfortune, so he closed his business and went bankrupt. Now, because of our age, we both are finding it hard to find employment -- even though we have sent so many resumes, we hardly get any calls for interviews and when we do, and if we get an interview, there’s no job offer. Please help us know what to do and understand why is this happening to us. If my husband ventures into any business, what do you think is the right business for him that will be successful. Will I ever find a job? If I got a chance to go into business, what type of business will also be right for me? Can you also please tell me what my lucky color and lucky day is? Thank you for answering me and for the guidance that I need most at this time of our troubles.


Any business that is service-oriented will be successful for you two.


I own an oceanfront condo and was concerned about the water balance. Will the ocean affect our home and, if so, what can we do to balance it? I am wondering what is needed for prosperity, balance and calming affects.


I would place an Obelisk in your Money corner. Hang a large picture of mountains on the wall.


My husband and I are interested in increasing our prosperity. We are planning to purchase an aquarium, and would like to know how many fish we should buy, what color of fish are best, and where the aquarium should be placed in our home. We have selected a Grayish-colored Porcupine Puffer fish for the tank--is this a good fish? Thank you!


All fish help. The traditional method is NINE fish – 8 Red or Gold and one black, or 8 Black and one Red or Gold. Place near the entrance.


I have purchased antique furniture from various places over the years. Sometimes, there is a popping noise from my bedroom furniture at night. A friend told me it could be creating negative energy. I sleep very well, and my animals are calm. What are your thoughts?


Don’t pay any attention to your friend – your furniture is fine.  If you are uncomfortable you can burn incense in the room to clear any negative energies.


Could you please advise me if what I believe is true? Inside our master bedroom, our bed was originally facing the North because it’s easier for us to see the door, which is the mouth of the Chi. But later, we had it changed. We are now facing the South, and the bedroom door is on the left topside of the bed (facing South). We changed this because a friend of ours advised us not to face on the North while lying on the bed. But another friend of ours advised us that we should be facing the door since this is the mouth of the Chi. Now, which is which? I'm really confused about this. I will violate the one if I follow the other. Could you please help me on this? Thank you so much in advance.


You should be facing the door.


I live in a rather square-shaped apartment, separated into 3 sections -- bedroom on left, living room in the middle, and another bedroom on the right. It's "true" North as dictated by the compass in the upper right corner of the right bedroom. The "true" East would be my closet and so on. The "true" directions of the compass do not match the natural square shape of the apartment, meaning North directly on top, in the head of the living room, East in the right bedroom and so on. How important is decorating with the compass, instead of decorating with the basic shape of the apartment in conjunction with the "general" direction of North? Also, are round coffee tables necessary in the living room?


Decorate with the basic shape of the house.


I am new at this science, and I am moving to an apartment, where a lone front door faces East, and the apartment number is 509. My birth date is 4-12-67 at 2:03 a.m. in Cleveland, Ohio. Any friendly suggestions? Need all the help I can get!! Also, can an entire city have negative energy?


Add a "3" plus a "1" to your address number with clear nail polish.  Click on this link to find out more about the meanings of numbers and how to fix them,  


I was given a 5-inch gold plated Buddha and would like to know the proper location where to put it. Currently, it sits on a speaker cabinet facing East. The main door of the house is facing North. Should the Buddha face North? Thank you.


The Buddha should have its back to the North.


My zodiac sign is Aquarius, and I share a house with my boyfriend, who is Taurus. What suggestions can you make for the decoration of our bedroom so as to create a harmonious environment? Thanks a lot.


Add a statue or a picture of a couple holding each other lovingly.


Please tell me what colors are best for us – male born 6-7-47 and female born 2-28-48. Thank you.


Light Blues.


Please send me any information on Feng Shui. Also, my husband and I are thinking of buying a home in the next 6 months to a year. Is it easier to buy new or to fix up an old house? Thanks for any help you can give us.


Buy new.


My husband and I are having an addition built to our home. Our house faces South. We are adding a family room off the back of the house on the first floor (directly North) and a master bedroom also on the first floor off the back, but in the Northeast corner. We are considering building a fireplace in our bedroom, and have the option of placing it in the middle of the room to be viewed from the bed and sitting area or on the North side (surrounded by the windows and doors leading to an outdoor courtyard). Should we be placing a fireplace in the master bedroom and, if so, where would be the best placement?


I don’t like them in a bedroom. It can bring arguments, but if you do put one in the bedroom, the cure is placing plants on both sides of the fireplace. They can be real or fake.


I have a home-based gift basket business that is not prospering. I was told to move it to a more auspicious location of my apartment now in the Fame sector, paint it a light Blue and add goldfish (I had 3 and 1 passed. I added mirrors --have small octagon mirrors facing the cash box -- am adding plants, yet there is no difference. The address of the building is 2822, and I use the Suite #100. My stationary is Sage, and my business name is in dark Green. I have a logo of a little blond-haired girl carrying a basket of apples with a bunny -- she is also wearing a Turquoise dress. I have customer satisfaction, yet no repeat business, and new customers are few and far between. I need help as my business, my dream, is fading away. Do you have some suggestions?


Order an Obelisk from us and put it in your Money corner.


What remedy(s) can you use when your house is missing the Wealth area?


Please send me a diagram of your house, and I will answer your question.


I purchased some beautiful glass dragon eggs. I was told they are Feng Shui tools. What do they mean/signify and how should I use them?


They will bring to you and protect whatever area of your life you need in the areas where you place them. For instance, put them in the Money corner, and you get more money. If put in Relationship corner, you’ll get better relationships.

Have you heard of the Genesa crystal? It has interwoven circles of copper and is said to generate energetic and cleansing properties. Can you tell me the correct placement of this crystal either in the home or in the garden?


I have never heard of this crystal. I would not have any advice on its placement.


I'm new to this but have found it very interesting and good. I've read through the Q & A sections – do you keep affirmations in the Red envelopes indefinitely? Or do you remove them when things start to happen as affirmed? I was wondering if there is an area on the Internet that shows the areas of the house or what the differences areas are, such as, Wealth in the far left, what are other places? Finally, I was reading about the placements of mirrors and noticed I have one directly as you enter our front door, one opposite the door to our bedroom, and one opposite the door to my office. What does this mean? Thank you very much, and I am very happy to have found Feng Shui.


When a goal that is in a Red envelope is reached, take it out and replace it another goal. Look at our Ba-Qua on the web site or send for our Ba-Qua card. It gives people energy when they enter your house or rooms.


We are moving into a "post and beam" house. Every room has exposed beams, usually just a few feet apart. It will be impossible to not sit or sleep under these beams. I read that is a major problem. I love the beams, as they are made from the trees that had to be cut to clear the lot for the house. What can we do to mitigate the negative affect of the beams? P.S. I would like to be added to your list in order to receive all Q and A. Thank you!


I would paint arrows at 45 slanting up on all beams that are not over a bed or where you would sit for a long time. The ones over a bed, chair/sofa, or desk – where you would sit for a long time – I would hang flutes at 45 angles. Order our flutes – they come with good instructions, and you will like the results.

In my bathroom, the main entrance is from the hall and the other entrance is from the master bedroom. This door is on the wall right next to the other door so you cannot have both doors completely open or they will bang into each other. What can I do about these fighting doors?


We always want bathroom doors closed. You can put a mirror opposite the hall door, and you will be much happier.


My birth date is 11/28/54, and my husband’s is 02/4/61. Our address is 266. Our son’s birth date is 08/30/81, and our daughter’s is 7/26/86. We have two other grown daughters. Could you tell me about our dates and address? Our home is also my business, which is located in the Wealth corner of the house. Could you give me some advice on improving the business from home? Our main colors throughout most of the main living area are shades of Blue, Gold and White. My office is partially paneled in a light color with a deep Emerald Green carpet. We have lots of plants, mirrors and candles throughout the house. Thank you for any help you can give us – we are doing well in most areas, but would like to increase wealth and children’s learning abilities. Son is studying architecture and some Feng Shui; he is a junior in high school -- is this a good career for him? Our daughter is undecided – what would be a good career for her? My husband is the main breadwinner – he is a healthcare administrator and overseas employees and finances. Is this a good career for him? I am currently in sales and am studying real estate -- is this a good area for me? Although I have a flair for interior design -- my family and friends always ask me to help remodel and design their homes -- I do a lot of painting and design work on the side. Also, Could you please help in my choice of colors for our roof? I read in Lillian Too’s book that if your roof is Blue, you will have money troubles forever. We are putting on a new roof in the next week, and Blue is my first choice (my favorite color). Thank you for your time.


Rust or Sand color for the roof. Add a "3" with clear nail polish to your address. Add an Obelisk to your Money corner. (You can order one from us by calling 520-284-2961.)  Click on this link to find out more about the meanings of numbers and how to fix them,  


My husband and I are living in an apartment that has a front door facing North. The sunshine cannot reach any of our rooms, because it is blocked by a nearby building. Do you know how I can improve the energy flow of our apartment?


Add full-spectrum lighting to your home. Bring in some Red color accents.


We are planning to move. I heard there is a way to place the Ba-Qua chart to find pockets of certain energies in a city (rather than a home). Can you provide more information on this or, possibly, a resource that addresses the energies of the city? Thank you!


You will be in a good location if you live in the North of a City.


Is a very light Green a good color? I can't use "Pink" due to my husband’s dislike of it.


That will be fine.


I wanted to let you know that I have really enjoyed your website and found it very informative. My problem is my family's health. We moved into to our house 2 years ago and, since then, my husband has been diagnosed with acute IBS, and my children now suffer from asthma and seem to get frequent colds. On my Health wall is my fireplace -- could this be affecting this in any way? We have gas logs that we burn a lot in the winter. Our house number is 27098. If you could give us any insight into this, it would be greatly appreciated.


Hang a picture of your family over the fireplace with a Sun and Moon above the picture.


My husband and I live in the last house off a dead-end road...an ideal spot on Lake Champlain in Vermont with great neighbors and peaceful surroundings...but that changed in 1997. In September of 1997, friends (family of five) next door moved out West, selling their house to another family of four. Their house had been used only during the summers, as our friends had a home near a ski area for the winter seasons. Since the new family's arrival, we have expended either extra time or money because of their actions. They live in the house year-round. The husband immediately had the road dug up to run a water line to the house, deciding that the lake water was not fit to drink even with a filtration system. The rest of the people on the street pull water from the lake, filter it, test it, and it’s been all right for years. The water line went in, resulting in all people on the street having to pay $300 per year, whether or not we connect to the waterline. No one on the street was going to have this line put in, and we were all happy without it. This winter, the leech field that we share (we designed the system that way with our friends when we built the houses) became flooded. The excavator said it was from over-use. Having lived here 10 years, we never experienced problems with the septic system. Now, we have to share the cost of repairs, even though we have not added extra water or waste to the system. I need a cure to rid the neighborhood of this family before we end up spending more time or money because of their actions. I placed a Ba-Qua mirror on the outside of our house facing the house next door, but it has been a year, and things are just going from bad to worse. Our street number is 44, which I know is not lucky, either. I would greatly appreciate any help you might offer.


Circle the "44" clockwise with clear nail polish. It is not your neighbor’s fault. You may improve your position by placing an Obelisk in the front of your house.


My birthday is February 18, 1947. During the last two weeks something is wrong, I seem to be dissatisfied with everything, sort of in a funk, not happy with job, not happy with home -- all I want to do is sleep and end the day -- can't get enough sleep, but yet I seem to just want to do nothing but be by myself a lot. Can't seem to tolerate anything. This is not like me as I am a very outgoing person – and I’m trying to figure out what will take this away and reach the contentment I used to have.


Add some bright colors or accents in the rooms you spend your time. Change your perception about life – even if you have to fake it – and you will be all right.

The marriage corner (SW) in my living room is missing and has a fireplace. I put two plants, one on each side of the fireplace. Is there anything else I can do to enhance my marriage? Many thanks.


Put a blue dot on the back of the mouth of your fireplace. Hang a heart over your fireplace.


My birth date is 2/22/62. I have always felt these numbers were significant to the personal direction I should follow. But, somehow, the meaning is lost to me. do you know their significance? My spouse has trouble with being committed to financially taking care of the family? Why? His date of birth is 9/4/58. Is he cursed to live a life of failure and lack? Our apartment is in the shape of a rectangle. It is a two-story with a fireplace, patio, and large picture windows in every room of the house. We share five children from our union of marriage. Why is it that we struggle so hard to keep a good energy flow? He travels a lot on his job, sometimes being gone 3-4 weeks at a time. I am losing my energy to manage everything while he's gone, plus I keep getting sick. Do you know what may be the problem?


Your number means you are always spiritually helped. That is, when you add "19" to the year "62." You are concentrating on the problems, not on seeing the joy and beauty all around you. Do something fun everyday, and your life will change.

I am trying to start a business out of my home. I have developed one product to sell. So far, I have been researching how to market my product the most cost-effective way. What changes can I make in my home to help make this business venture a successful one? My house faces the West. So far, I haven't sold anything. Thank you.


Put your product in your Money corner with written affirmations of how thankful you are that you have sold more than you ever imagined.


I have looked everywhere for an answer to my question but can find it nowhere. My daughter was born on May 5, 1988 at 5:51 in the morning. In my research I have read that the season for birth from Feb 4 to May 5 is "wood." Then I also read that the season of birth for "fire" is May 5 to Aug 7. Which one is she? We are moving in 2 weeks, and I need to know what colors to paint her room. Thank you very much.


Fire and Beige or Sand color is best for her.


In what direction should a painting or a statute of a horse be facing in an office and in a house?


Always facing the entrance to the room.


We are about to purchase a house with the #7145, and just learned the previous owners went bankrupt and divorced. The owners before that had a child commit suicide in the home. How do we figure out the meaning of our house number (calculation?), and are some properties beyond remedy??? Thanks.


Circle the "7" in your address number, going clockwise with clear nail polish. Write and tell me if your house is below the grade of the road. Tell me if you live on a triangular-shaped lot.  Click on this link to find out more about the meanings of numbers and how to fix them,  


I am a student at Malaspina College, studying landscape and architecture. I am presently doing a paper on Nanaimo, Chinatown, and related landscape with the influence of Feng Shui. Are there certain types of customs or Feng Shui beliefs when it comes to burying the dead – location, direction, shrines or banners, etc.


You bury the dead in a protected place that is not to be disturbed, feet facing South.


I just recently got introduced to Feng Shui and have read the book, "The Western Guide to Feng Shui." I have been told that cactus plants are no, no's in a home. My husband and I just finished building a home in Prescott, Arizona, and have an adobe (Southwest style) home. I have decorated the house with live cactus throughout and pieces of wood to be plant stands for the western rustic affect. I also have a dried Agave plant decorated in a corner of my house. Do I have to get rid of my cactus and dry plants? Thank you.


No, your plants will be fine.


I have a bathroom in my Relationship corner. It has a toilet, a tub, a shower and two sinks! Lots of energy suckers -- what can I do to alleviate the "relationship from going down the drains?" Thanks.


Hang a Red tassel from the ceiling over the toilet. Flush toilet only when the lid is down. Keep bathroom door closed. Keep stoppers in drains when sinks and tubs are not in use. Add plants – real or fake – to the bathroom.


I stay in a terrace house with the main gate facing a brick wall built by the owner of the house opposite to cover his main door. Does this affect my career and financial problem, and what is the method to correct it? Thank you for your help.


Put a Ba-Qua mirror over the front door facing the wall. You will be fine.


For an apartment community, we are planning on painting the front doors Black. Is paint color in any way influenced by Feng Shui?


I would rather you paint your doors Chinese Red. Red brings only good. Black can bring both good and bad.


We had a phone consultation with you in September 1998. We wanted to update you and ask for some help. We made the proper adjustments – added mirrors, plants, waterfalls, etc. Our relationship has improved 100%, and we want to thank you for this adjustment – the Relationship corner was missing in our home. However, the financial picture has improved very slightly. Your advice to us was that in this place we would save very little, and this is still the case; debt is still an issue, but not as great. We are now in a position to move and feel this is the only way to leave this negative Feng Shui behind. We will still have to rent and plan to move into a townhouse with four levels, no garage; it is previously lived in. We do not as yet know which unit we’ll be able to get, but would appreciate some advice on what the house number and location signify. Once we have a floor plan, we’d like to consult with you again.


Number "8" is the best; facing the entrance to the South is best.


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